Aerospace Enginerd living and climbing in the Pacific Northwest.

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Incense Plume Backlit by Sunlight. Much Laminar. Such Eddies. Wow!

The aerodynamics of flight has always fascinated me. So I got a couple of degrees and did some work for a little airplane company.

  • BS/MS in Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University, 1995/97
  • Senior Aerodynamics Engineer, The Boeing Company, 1997-2014
    • 15 years of wind tunnel testing
    • Development of flow visualization techniques
    • Data acquisition systems
    • Servo mechanical systems
    • Fluorescent imaging
    • Infrared imaging
    • Flow angle probes
    • Pressure instrumentation

I also know how to fly airplanes.

First X-country Solo to Friday Harbor (KFHR). Sept. 3, 2010.

I have a Light Sport Pilot license. Here is a video of me practicing landings at Arlington (KAWO) where I took my lessons. The airplane was a Tecnam Sierra P2002, very fun to fly. Unfortunately the FBO I flew out of closed shop and I haven't been able to find a new place to fly. Hopefully I'll get back up in the air again some day.

Mountain Flying. Sept. 12, 2011.


The Radio Shack Color Computer 2 (CoCo 2) - where I got my start.

After unlearning the FORTRAN I was taught in college, I learned how to really use and program computers. And I continue to do so, but here is some of what I know.


  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Object Orientated concepts
  • Python
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Unix shell


  • Matlab
  • Tecplot
  • Labview
  • Eclipse
  • MS Visual Studio
  • MS Office stuff
  • git
  • vi


  • Linux System Administration
  • Embedded Systems Programming
  • Android Application Programming


Mt. Challenger. July 3, 2015

I climb mountains. Lots of mountains. Photos of some of my various climbing adventures can be found on my 500px page as well as almost a decades worth of older ones on Flickr. Here is a video of me climbing Mt. Redoubt in the North Cascades. Other places where I have adventured to include:

and that's just scratching the surface.

I have always been drawn to the outdoors, but mountains have a special allure for me. Many moons ago, I decided to get serious about it.

  • 2006, BOEALPS Basic Climbing Class
    • Basic knots: Figure 8, Prusik, Bachmann, Water, Fisherman
    • Belaying
    • Rappeling
    • Navigation
    • Glacier travel
    • Ice axe arrest
    • Creavasse rescue
  • 2007, BOEALPS Intermediate Climbing Class
    • More knots: Clove, Bowline, Butterfly, Klemheist, Munter
    • Multi-pitch trad alpine lead rock climbing
    • Snow shelters
    • Ice climbing
    • Anchors, anchors, anchors
    • Climber self rescue
    • Avalanche rescue with beacons
  • 2010, Lead Instructor for a Basic Class Team
  • 2008-present, Instructing with Intermediate Climbing Class
And I continue to help instruct in these classes while voraciously enjoying the amazingly beautiful mountains of the Cascade range - a lifetime supply of blissful hinterlands, glaciated and rocky.

Current Bulgers Count: 70/100

Sunset from Gardner Summit. June 4, 2016


Makery and hackery.


The nice people at Adafruit let me create some learning guides.


Various circuit boards.