Trinket Pride Brick

Just something pretty to look at.
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It just sits there and glows.

An Adafruit Trinket Mini based glowy thing, using NeoPixels, some glass vials, empty nuun tubes, and a wooden base. Made this for no particular reason. Kind of looks like a brick. Kind of looks like the pride flag.


The software is available on GitHub.


Here are some details about the hardware used. The overall parts are shown below.

(1) Empty nuun tubes, (2) glass vials on upper wood base, (3) lower wood base with neopixels and trinket.

The wiring is shown in the Fritzing diagram below.

Wiring diagram.

The lower and upper wooden bases are glued together. It can be used with or without the white plastic diffusers.

Without diffusers.

With diffusers.