ESP8266 BMP180 Server

Remote sensing of temperature and pressure.
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Enclosure mounted outside.

An Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 hosting an Adafruit BMP180 pressure/temperature/altitude sensor breakout. Readings are made available over WiFi via a socket connection.


The software is available on GitHub.


Here are some details about the hardware used. The overall parts are shown below.

(1) BMP180 breakout, (2) ESP8266 HUZZAH, (3) empty nuun tube, (4) 3/4" copper pipe mount, (5) screws, (6) old USB cable for power.

The wiring is shown in the Fritzing diagram below.

Wiring diagram.

The BMP180 breakout is attached to the ESP8266 HUZZAH.

BMP180 attached.

Everthing fits inside the empty nuun tube.

Putting it together.

Find a good place to mount it outside.

Enclosure mounted outside.