The cat friend roboto.
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Dedicated to Sabotage

The robot.

A remotely controllable cat taunting robot. Includes camera for remote monitoring, laser for classic taunting, speaker for audio taunting, as well as local control with Wii remote via bluetooth.


The software is available on GitHub.


Here is a list of the main hardware components used.

Everything is housed in a wooden cigar box. The internal parts are shown below.

(1) RPi Model B+ with Wifi and Bluetooth USB dongles, (2) Custom transistor board, (3) Custom LED driver board, (4) Audio amp, (5) Speaker, (6) PWM servo controller, (7) Laser servos, (8) Camera servos.

The two custom boards are shown below. The one on the right is for general purpose power switching using three transistors controlled via the RPi GPIO pins. The one on the left is for LED power switching. It includes three pots which act as current limiting resistors for attached LEDs. This allows for custom trimming of individual LED brightness.

Custom boards. Left for LEDs. Right for general purpose (one output not used).

A Raspberry Pi v1 camera module and super bright white LED are mounted on one set of servos.

RPi camera and LED.

A LED laser is mounted on the other set of servos.

The "laser".

A drawing showing the wiring interconnect is provided in the repo under the doc folder.

Wiring interconnect diagram.

And the final product all closed up and ready for taunting.